Improve Committee Effectiveness

Continually improve the committee’s operating effectiveness and ability to adapt to changing conditions.  Establish linkages and collaborate with other TRB committees on topics related to transportation pricing.


  • Undertake a Committee self-evaluation each year to review the previous year’s achievements in light of the strategic plan’s mission and goals.
  • Perform minor updates to the strategic plan annually (update the list of supporting activities).
  • Ensure that Committee membership reflects a balanced composition with regard to geography, gender, race, ethnicity, and organizational affiliation.
  • Update Committee and Subcommittee membership to maintain balanced representation of both established and emerging applications of transportation pricing, across modes, different types of pricing applications, and different points of view.
  • Update “Friends of the Committee” list as a source of new committee, subcommittee and task group membership.
  • Review and update responsibilities for liaison with related TRB committees and other groups.
  • Enhance and maintain the Congestion Pricing Committee web site by posting the Committee Strategic Plan, Committee organization details, presentations and papers from Committee activities and sessions, and a schedule of pertinent events. Include an on-line method for interested people to register as committee “friends” and to comment on proposed activities.
  • Use the Committee web site as an outreach mechanism, by highlighting the Committee purpose and scope and inviting collaboration.