Disseminate Knowledge

Disseminate knowledge on best practices and related research findings to transportation professionals and key decision makers in public agencies and private organizations in order to increase knowledge about the best practices and impacts of transportation pricing.


  • Sponsor or co-sponsor at least one poster session and a minimum of two panel or presentation sessions at each annual TRB meeting, at least one of which emphasizes practical applications of pricing and economic theory.
  • Sponsor or co-sponsor 1-2 workshops per year coordinated with the TRB Annual Meeting and Mid-Year meeting.
  • Disseminate information on upcoming events with transportation pricing content to the mailing list of Committee contacts and friends.
  • Coordinate with and assist USDOT in the dissemination of best practices reviews on the deployment and evaluation of transportation pricing projects.
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate with other agencies and organizations in conducting webcasts/webinars devoted to the theory, practical applications and new concepts in transportation pricing. Partner with the AHB35 to sponsor a series of webinars. Identify hot topics, agendas and expert panels for webinars.
  • Survey members and friends of the Committee concerning information dissemination
  • Revisit a new TR News pricing and managed lanes edition.
  • Lead or collaborate in the organization of an international conference focusing on emerging concepts, new research, lessons learned from successful and unsuccessful pricing initiatives, and evaluations of current pricing programs.