Advance Pricing Concepts

Advance the exploration of issues related to new concepts of transportation pricing of non-highway modes (i.e., transit, parking, marine terminal access, aviation groundside, aviation air space, etc.), as well as aspects of integrated transportation system impacts of multi-modal transportation pricing.


  • In collaboration with other TRB committees, organize workshops and sessions on new concepts of transportation pricing of non-highway modes and integrated transportation systems in conjunction with TRB’s Annual and Mid-Year Meetings.
  • Review and update responsibilities for liaison with non-highway TRB committees and other groups.
  • Identify liaison members to other TRB committees having related interests.
  • Identify liaison members to groups in other professional organizations, worldwide, which have related interests.
  • Assess the emergence of mileage-based transportation charging concepts for congestion pricing and the activities of the Committee.
  • Encourage research to identify legal, regulatory, and procedural impediments to innovative pricing on non-highway modes, including revenue-generating strategies, and develop recommendations for future action.
  • Develop a white paper on the role of congestion pricing in mileage-based revenue generation.