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IBTTA Transportation Finance and RUC Conference: “Transportation Idol” Performance Contest

Some concepts are easy to understand. You put money into a vending machine, push a button, and a bag of chips pops out. Simple. Other concepts are harder to understand. For instance, what is Road Usage Charging, how does it

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IBTTA Transportation Finance and Road Usage Charging Conference in Portland, Oregon, April 26-28, 2015

As Congress struggles to restore the solvency of the federal Highway Trust Fund, states and localities are blazing new paths to generate sustainable funding for their vital transportation infrastructure. Thirty-five states now use toll financing to build and operate limited

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Assistance Sought on Managed Lanes Signage Research

FHWA and the HOV / Managed Use Lanes Pooled Fund Study are investigating the Best Practices for Signing on a Multi-Segment Managed Lanes Network. This study examines how to better sign managed lanes when multiple segments intersect to form a

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