Assistance Sought on Managed Lanes Signage Research

FHWA and the HOV / Managed Use Lanes Pooled Fund Study are investigating the Best Practices for Signing on a Multi-Segment Managed Lanes Network. This study examines how to better sign managed lanes when multiple segments intersect to form a regional network. Two phases of signing simulation are to be performed. This first phase involves an online survey that presents potential signs for Managed Networks and poses questions to respondents to determine the efficacy of the signs in conveying the intended messages. The research team is interested in determining sign effectiveness when drivers have plenty of time to digest the sign. In the second phase, the more effective versions will move into a driving simulator in selected locations in the US.

TRB committee members and friends are being asked to publicize the first phase survey to individuals and and organization involved in managed lanes implementation. You are encouraged to take the survey yourself and pass it on to others in your organization. This survey is open to all, and the more opportunities to receive critical review, the better the chance for effective signage guidance.

Here is the web address of the:

Your help is greatly appreciated in making this survey and the follow-on driving simulation a success. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Swenson at