Now Available: NCHRP 08-36 Road Pricing Communication Practices

NCHRP 08-36 Road Pricing Communication Practices

Prepared by: ICF International and KT Analytics for NCHRP and AASHTO

Communicating with various affected parties and stakeholders in planning for road pricing (RP) is vital to acceptable, effective and lasting programs. Certainly, decision makers authorizing proposals need to understand the objectives, the efficacy of pricing, equity considerations, overall costs and benefits, operations, revenue distribution, and other particulars to effectively provide their support. Likewise, affected parties such as travelers, residents, businesses, and other stakeholders likely to influence decision makers also must understand pricing strategies and their expected impacts for acceptable projects to develop. This research documents best practices in communicating with the public on all aspects of road pricing. The report identifies messages and delivery methods that have worked and not worked, along with the characteristics of successful road pricing communication campaigns.

The agency final report can be accessed here.